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I have a degree in the medical field- Health sciences Major- Dental Hygiene, Minor- Psychology. I also have a strong sales and consulting background- Pharmaceuticals, technology, Retail- Top-drawer custom men's clothing. I also own a business offering innovative engraving and unique personalized gifts.

I have treated, cared for, worked with and counseled people my whole life. In recent years, I have become a dedicated business owner. All of these are characteristics that set me apart. I have been in the BDSM lifestyle since my mid 20’s. I have had dominant tendencies since I was young. They were drawn out of me in college. I came into the pro side when I was about 30. This is not solely a financial endeavor. I have always had other professional options available. My ongoing aspiration is to stand strong to represent the need, sincerity and integrity of our community, to be an outlet, and to leave my own intricate mark.

None of us wants to feel detached, isolated and vulnerable as we walk down this path. In the spirit of our own individuality and kink, we have to be an exponent for ourselves and others. Regardless of any “alternative lifestyle” stamp, we are bright, sharp, resourceful individuals. It makes me feel dignified to participate in raising the bar and I am proud to be a mature, experienced dominatrix with one of the few female owned and independently operated dungeons.

A note pertaining to those with anxiety and bad experiences in this: Really put thought and consideration into who you expose your vulnerable side and let into your circle. The next time you feel the need see one of the flighty, inexperienced, overexposed “dommes” on BP, ask her how long she has been in this anyway. See what deep insightful response you get. In fact, see if she even speaks or types proper English. And don't be surprised when you get what you ordered!

Want to be Mistress Madisons favorite slave?

This is the kind of submissive I cherish... I am always delighted to hear from him and have him serve because he conducts himself in the following manner: Schedules through the proper channels with adequate notice. He is always pleasant and uses Yes Ma’am, please and Thank you. I am addressed as “Mistress, Mistress Madison, Ma’am, or Goddess” They are always open with communication and feedback if asked They come on a regular basis- 1-2 times a month and stay in touch with me if the falter.

They recognize and acknowledge my creativity, hard work and planning. They are open minded and are flexible for playtime and trust in me and my experience and expertise. And truly find serenity in pleasing me!!! They enjoy bringing Mistress little gifts to put a smile on her face like- Holistic wines and dark CHOCOLATE!

I am creative and intuitive:
I spend most of my waking hours contemplating and piecing together upcoming scenes to create electrifying sessions that will indulge your mind, body, and spirit. This is a complex pursuit and the reason it's important that my protocol, stressed throughout this site, is followed. Failure to do so is equivalent to cheating yourself! The primary reason I request information and dictate deadlines is to enhance this experience. Since I have some psychology background and a great deal of expertise in this lifestyle, I read people well. Figuring out people’s triggers comes naturally and I enjoy this! That’s why I have chosen to devote so much of my time and resources to this.

I’m real:
I am a strict, demanding domme predominantly. But, I am also the approachable lifestyle, and sometimes even the “girl next door” type when the situation calls for it. I am always much more merciful and cordial when I am addressed and treated appropriately and when you come across as subservient and gracious. (Refer to my etiquette and FAQ’s). When serving me, you will find I am authoritative and protocol driven, but sincere.

Completely Independent:
I am completely independent as all decisions are made by me and me only in every aspect. That includes the following: marketing, advertising, photography, the website, Niteflirt, clients and scheduling. My dungeon space and equipment are mine alone. I don’t rent it, share it, or schedule around anyone else. That said, this is not the case in most other dungeons. I am one of the few female owned, independent dungeons in Atlanta. I have a medical background and safety is of the upmost importance. So you can be sure everything is properly installed, well maintained, safe to use and properly disinfected. It also means there will be no distractions, flakiness, bait and switch tactics, interruptions during sessions, scheduling mishaps, and none of the dreaded discretion or privacy issues.

I am Experienced/Seasoned:
I was introduced to BDSM in my mid 20’s. So, going on 20 yrs now. Consider this for a moment: You can’t know, in your twenties, what you have invested decades learning as life happens and you become more mature. You are still figuring out what you’re purpose and preferences are! I want to meet slaves who deem all of my qualifications and characteristics as not only desirable, but vital! If not, the chemistry will be lacking.

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