Why don’t you discuss details about sessions over email or phone?

First and foremost, because my protocol is not to do so. Next, playing out scripts and fantasies this way decreases the excitement, element of surprise, and desire to follow through with your session. And most important: There are some activities that need to be discussed in private- for both of our protection and discretion. Everything is being recorded these days people! Some topics of this lifestyle pose LEGAL problems. And none of us ever really know who we're talking to! If you can’t understand and follow this requirement, we will NOT session together. And I will end any obtrusive conversation, regardless of context or objective.

This is my first time. Is a Standard Session okay?

Yes, of course. I might suggest you schedule a longer session if there are a number of activities you enjoy, which is often the case with more experienced players, although there are plenty of people that feel a bit “kid in a candy store” their first time out and want to try as much as they can. Others just like the additional intensity of longer play and or a more relaxed tempo.
If you’re somewhat unsure, consider a half hour more, to give you more time to relax into the scene and maybe try one or two more things (ask for a Session and a Half when you call). A Standard Session is still fine if your schedule and or budget is limited.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You will find a more detailed list of offerings on the session info page of this site, but basically all you need to do once you have read this website, and confirmed your availability, is go to the request a sessions tab and complete a session form and send. I will email in response with my final session instructions and confirm the info and a time. I will give permission for you to call in an agreeable time frame. And you should do as instructed (preferably from a phone on which you will be reachable on the day you of your appointment). I can sometimes accommodate same day scheduling requests but you are STRONGLY encouraged to plan ahead. The more notice the better, especially if you are here from out of town, scheduling options are limited, and/or you are interested in seeing me on a weekend. If you are interested in a duo session, definitely plan on giving us more notice and getting your deposit taken care of. For same day appointments at least 3 hrs of notice is needed for new clients, and 2 hrs for clients of record (here in the last 6 months). *** Note- that this does not assure availability, obviously.

How does my Mistress prefer I ask detailed questions before a Session?

There are three options for asking questions or discussing session details.
1) By phone through Niteflirt.com
2) Webcam session prepaid into Paypal offered through Skype.
3) Simple email discussion back and forth.
And of course a Just Talk appointment is available to you before a full session is scheduled.

Can I give you a gift in addition to the tribute?

Well sure, I love surprise gifts, but they aren’t something that is expected. If you are running early for your appointment, or enjoy giving on special days or occasions, here are some options. I really enjoy chocolates from Godiva- especially dark chocolate in general (Hershey’s Special Dark Bars). My preference for flowers is anything red, pink or purple. Roses and carnations and all varieties are welcome. And in wines I enjoy lighter, sweeter blush, and white wines in hotter months (Pino Grigio, Zinfandel, Rieslings). And red wine- specifically Cabernets in winter. One catch here is –they must be organic, or they give me headaches-especially reds. Selections at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, wineries, or other natural stores are good choices.

Do you play with women?

Absolutely! I enjoy playing with women, men and transgender people equally.

Where are you located?

My play space is in Cobb County about 20 minutes north of Atlanta in Marietta. It’s off I-75, the second exit outside the 285 perimeter, just past Windy Hill off Delk Road. I am only a mile from the Marietta Square, and in close proximity to the posh Hilton Conference Center and golf club on Powder Springs Street. Or from Delk and 75, off Atlanta Road.

Can you just come to me?

I do sometimes offer outcall sessions. The location must be an upscale, safe hotel environment. I do NOT offer sessions in a private residence or environment. Locations within a convenient distance( about 15 miles from me) do require a flat $100 additional tribute amount. My preference is still to session in a sensual, well equipped dungeon space. Proper disinfection and environment is preferred, and the uninterrupted time there and getaway from life is really therapeutic.

What’s your space like? What kind of equipment/implements do you have?

My space is in a very safe, mixed residential neighborhood. It’s a mile- easy walking distance- from the square in a quaint historical area. It is private, secure, discreet and I do not share it with other providers or rent it out…though I have been known to throw a few parties in it!
My play space, much like my style, is elegant, comfortable, disarming, extremely sensual with a solid side of sadistic. It lends itself equally well to kinky domestic role-play, light romantic sensation exploration, frisky fetish fulfillment and heavy dark dungeon fantasies. As far as equipment, I have a unique solid Stainless steel bondage/CBT chair, a kneeling/spanking bench, a spanking sawhorse and a large 9 foot ladder that is very fun for light to restrictive bondage and discipline. And a comfortable custom leopard chaise for my relaxation. There is a dressing area with lingerie, dresses, shoes, make-up and wigs for feminization and cross-dressing. There are full bathroom facilities including a tub and shower (with masculine toiletries) and fresh laundered linen provided for clean up as well as water sports. And, of course, many implements and TOYS TOYS TOYS.

How tall are you?

Physically I am 5’3″ with a curvy but athletic, figure. Personality wise I’m 6’2″ and built like Xena the Warrior Princess. Which is not to say that I’ve never used my size (or lack there of) to my advantage. It amuses me to no end when men think they will have the upper hand if they need it because they’re “bigger” than me. Size doesn’t really matter when one person is tied up and one isn’t. Plus if power is what you relish, wait until my strong legs and muscular calves and arms vanquish you…

What size shoe do you wear?

I wear a size 7 1/2 closed shoe, and a 7 for sandals and open toe styles. I have lovely lickable toes and my feet are medium to narrow with and very narrow heels with nice, high arches. My feet are one of my favorite erogenous zones and they LOVE to be massaged and worshipped, especially the inside of the arches.

How many years experience do you have?

I started actively exploring BDSM in the mid 90′s. I’ve been playing professionally since April of 2004. Over a decade now. Wow! It’s been a wild ride and I couldn’t be happier with where my own kinky path has taken me. Or what I have seen, interesting people I’ve met, or all I have experimented with and learned. Curious about some of those adventures? Call me on Niteflirt, or come let me whisper my sexy secrets in your ear.

Do you ever travel?

Not often. When I do, it is within the state of Georgia, or at least in the southeast.

If I can’t see you in person(or can’t wait till I can), is there any other way I can play with you?

I have provided you additional options to play other than live sessions. First, I offer phone sessions through the Niteflirt website. I do also offer Webcam sessions through Skype. I can provide additional information as needed. This is prepaid via PayPal.

Can I be your personal submissive, pet, sissy, slut, toy or house-boy?

No. Though I am lifestyle and open to the possibility of having more personal submissives in my life, this is a professional website, not a personal ad. If the only way you have of contacting me is through the information I have posted here on the internet, not likely to happen. If you email me, or worse yet, call me to ask the above question, I IMMEDIATELY won’t like you very much either. There are sometimes exceptions where I may post on a fetish site for this. And instructions on applying are always included, but overall, I have been less than pleased with the results thus far. Your best bet is to prove to me your worth and dedication by doing a cam, Niteflirt or live session at least a few times before ever implying that is of interest. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU! Remember? I will come off quite curt if you disobey me from the start slave. No one appreciates instant gratification mentality. Especially not a FEMALE DOMINATRIX!!!

All tribute is for my time and or a “fantasy show” only. No offer of any other service or activity is to be implied, insinuated or otherwise agreed upon. Any attempt to connect the tribute to an illegal act will result in immediate termination of communication. All interaction beyond a “fantasy show” is between two or more consenting adults and has nothing to do with any financial arrangement.

By contacting me, you are agreeing to the above terms.