Things you should know that Mistress Madisons expects from you.
  • You should contact me initially by email with all requests and questions, including scheduling

  • My phone time is reserved for clients of record.

  • I allow your session requests and inquire via email before we meet. I typically have a discussion with you when you arrive. And I ask for your final thoughts when you leave- by mail. That said, I will NOT TOLERATE topping from the bottom when you’re here!

  • I demand: a slave who is polite, conscientious, exhibits proper etiquette.

  • I prefer: A little patience, respect, diligence, devotion, resourcefulness

  • I adore an subservient attentive slave who: Asks about how he can make my life easier and meet my needs. Putting his as subordinate.

  • You are to ALWAYS answer my emails within a reasonable time. I need confirmation that you got and understand the info. In any email exchange, the last comment should be yours! Be particularly expeditious when you are asking me to plan for a day of session.

  • When you are new, a deposit is required. It is processed through Paypal.

  • I don’t discuss session content over the phone- (See FAQ”s)