• 30 min ~ $150
  • 45 min ~ $200
  • 60 min ~ $250
  • 90 min ~ $350
  • 120 min ~ $425
        * Each Additional Hour ~ $150
  • Half Day ~ $800
  • 24 Hours ~ $1200 – 1600
  • Weekend 2 Days ~ $2200
Outcall Sessions
  • Atlanta area $75 extra per session
  • Travel $125 extra per session plus travel expenses
  • 30% tribute required 24 hours before session
Dual Domme Sessions Available
  • E-Mail for Rates

  • Session hours are from 11:00AM - 9:00PM
  • 24 Hour notice is preferred for new clients.
  • Minimum notice is 2 hours for established clients and 3 hours for new clients, dependent on availability
  • If you are from out of towwn I recommend 3 days.
Just Talk Sessions – $100/hr

Feeling hesitant or nervous about taking the next step or want to have a meet and greet before committing to playtime? Consider booking a simple, kinky chat. Perhaps conversation is all you’re looking for. In addition to all the lovely options listed here, I’ve recently made the official launch of my coaching business (though its something I’ve been doing on some level for years). Coaching is a great thing to consider if you are looking for answers and information regarding kink, want a safe sounding board to discuss relationship issues as it relates, or are hoping to expand your BDSM session repertoire. You may need to discuss your history and feelings as to what led you here. Need guidance from a knowledgeable player? Or just wish to tour the dungeon and are curious about setting up a plan for an extended session? Contact to ask if this is the appropriate session for you.

Standard Session – $250

Are you ready to play? For a Standard Session you should block out a 90 minute window from the time you arrive till when you need to be walking out the door on the way to your next engagement. This will allow us time for pre-session conversation, roughly an hour of playtime, as well as appropriate after-care and clean-up. I am not a clock watcher and prefer that my guests can be just as casual. That said, if you have varied interest, need a little more talk time, enjoy more than 2-3 playtime activities or just find time with the Mistress more fulfilling with more than an hour of playtime please mention this when you schedule your appointment by requesting an Extended Session and adjusting the tribute accordingly.

Extended Session – $350 or $450

Want a bit more time to play? Just add a half hour or hour respectively. Longer play than 2hrs is an option for repeat playmates or those who have varied interests with an obscure objective. Roleplay is also best planned early and done in an extended session as well.

Couples Session – $450

Trying to bring some kink into your relationship? Maybe its already there but you’re starting to run out of ideas? Want some guidance and tutoring in how to switch roles in an established relationship? Or maybe you’d both just like the thrill of a third person’s energy, eyes and appetite? I love the challenge and discovery of playing with couples. Please note, however, that I will need to speak with all parties involved and it is the female partner that must make the initial phone call. I do not do “surprise” sessions. When scheduling a Couple Session you should block out 2 1/2 hours to allow us a little extra time for pre-session chat.

Duo Session with Additional Female Dominatrix

Sometimes another pair of hands, eyes, and the additional appetite of an extra playmate are just what the doctor ordered. If you fantasize about two beautiful, demanding Dommes having their way with you. Or if you are a greedy little submissive that needs more attention than one person can provide, or are interested in certain expanded activities that are outside my offerings, consider a dual Domme session. Extended sessions make this experience more intense! ***This session is offered when professional participants, scheduling, time and resources allow. Schedule in advance and be prepared to pay a deposit into Paypal at the time.

Duo Session with a Male Top

Do you have fantasies involving forced bi-sexuality, cuckolding or getting topped by a couple? Boy do I have some sexy options for you. Alas, this is only an option for people I have seen before. If you would like to talk about this type of scene, you will need to schedule a session with me alone to do so. I absolutely will NOT engage in any kind of discussion regarding this option over the phone or by email, whether you are a returning client or not. But I’m happy to discuss the options during a Just Talk Session. ***This session is offered when professional participants, scheduling, time and resources allow. Schedule in advance and be prepared to pay a deposit into Paypal at the time.